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Egyptian Area Agency on Aging
Holiday Meals on Wheels – For over a decade, the United Way has teamed up with the Egyptian Area Agency on Aging to co-sponsored meals delivered on holidays to homebound senior adults in Southern Illinois.

Many of our homebound senior adults don’t have family nearby with which to celebrate the holidays. Often, the person who delivers the holiday meal is the only visitor homebound seniors have. That makes our Holiday Meals-on-Wheels program even more important.

We receive funds from every United Way in Southern Illinois, Gray Cemetery Trust, our own fund-raising events, and from donations from the public which help to pay for meals and their delivery. Since we use volunteers, as well as volunteer our time to this project, our locally raised funds are used to purchase meals on the holidays.

Meals are purchased from restaurants, churches, and community organizations on holidays throughout Southern Illinois and delivered by volunteers to homebound older people who cannot be with their family during the holidays.



Who We Are    – We are one of over 600 Area Agencies on Aging which were established by a federal law called the Older Americans Act. We are one of thirteen (13) Area Agencies in Illinois.

   Our Mission    – We promote the well-being of senior adults by assisting them to maintain their independence in the community.

  Who We Serve   – We serve senior adults, family caregivers of seniors, and grandparents raising grandchildren living in the southernmost thirteen counties of Illinois.


We serve about 2,000 meals delivered on as many as 8 different holidays:

New Years Day,


Memorial Day,

Day before Fathers' Day,

Independence Day,

Labor Day,

Thanksgiving, and

  • Christmas.

  • Meals were delivered in the following counties in Southern Illinois:












                 Union, and



    Governor’s  2002  Unique  Achievement  Award  Winners


    The Corzine’s, winners of the Governor’s 2002 Unique Achievement Award, helped prepare and deliver holiday meals for many years in their community.  

    “Because the families of so many of our senior adults live elsewhere, the person who delivers our meals on a holiday is often the only visitor our senior adults have that day,” said John M. Smith, Executive Director of the Egyptian Area Agency on Aging. “That makes the delivered holiday meals even more important and beneficial.”

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    Father's Day


    Happy Hearts Senior Center


    Congregate Meals – nutritious meals are served to older people in a congregate setting, such as Happy Hearts senior center, local high-rise building, or other community setting. Congregate meals are offered for a suggested donation.

    Anyone aged 60 or older, their spouse, and disabled dependent who normally accompany the older person can participate in the meals program for a suggested donation. The older person can bring an under aged guest but he or she is required to pay the full cost for the meal.

    Also, disabled people who reside in the same public housing where a meal site is located and volunteers at the meal site may participate in the meals program for a suggested donation.

    Home Delivered Meals – nutritious meals are delivered to older people who are homebound because of illness, physical or mental impairment or if otherwise isolated.

    Home Delivered Meals are offered for a suggested donation. Delivered meals may not be available is some communities. Most home delivered meals are delivered by volunteers.

    Meals contain one-third of the current recommended dietary allowance. Menus are approved by a qualified individual and posted in advance.

    Other Services – Other services provided by Happy Hearts include outreach, information and assistance, transportation through SMART, health screening, and assistance for family caregivers of older people and grandparents raising grandchildren.